School Management Software

Easy administrative control for quick documentation, tracking and reporting, information delivery via electronic educational technology.


Web based management system

How it Works

Our vision is for strong and resilient students where all have adequate access to the.


Collaborate with school activities: including exams, class, routine, and also communicates with teachers


Gets children academic updates, communicate with school administrator, receive important updates and valuable information.


Manages students & academic activities, Create online exams, Record test score, exam scores, Upload materials for study guide.


Manage and controls the total activities on the W-EMS, students, parents, staffs, account, and all other functionalities.

Core Features

Promotion and Graduation

Control students promotion and track past data of promoted students

Manage Transportation

Manage students and staffs transport system, with easy tool to track subscription.

Online Examination Management

Manage online exams (Multiple choice) for students with auto marking and timer.

News and Updates

Declare school events, news and control visibility, along with auto SMS & email notification

Accounting and Auditing

Manage fee types, fee allocation along with students payments.

Private Messaging

Friendly and simple way to communicate with parents, students and the staffs via messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it benefits the school?

it increase accessibility to information, improves mode of operation and 21st Century technological involvement

How does it work?

WEMS is an online web application, which requires access to internet before the users can perform any operation or task.

How long will it work for my school?

It a one-time installation web application, operates continuously as long your school web hosting is active and live.

Can i request for custom features?

Yes! Our goal is to improve the day to day running of educational system in Nigeria, we would gladly programme it to suit your requirement. But with additional fee.

How much does WEMS cost?

W-EMS comes along with a one time fee of ₦350,000.00

Does the fee include any other package or just the Software?

The fee covers both the Web Application and Android version.

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